Yes, almost all members of Our OC Family is in this photoshoot thanks to Mira Azaria on Facebook! Wait. First this is way smaller. Two, my eyes gone transparent 🙁 It’s okay I guess.

A new friend!

Hi, everypony! Meet my new friend with same first name, Laura Sentry! 😆 | And she’s taking a photoshoot of me, Jhenffer, Kitty Artist, and Kitty Painter! 😃 By: laura_sentry on Instagram

Thinking a plan!

We’re gathering in ponyville, thinking of umm 🤔 I forgot :/ Thanks to Mira Azaria again for this collab 🙂

Hmmm 🤔

Laura: Nina, did you know what’s happening? Nina: I don’t know too. Maybe something else? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thanks to Mira Azaria on Facebook for this collab 🤭

Site Updates<br>

May 31, 2021: Happy birthday to me! I want to use again, upload gifts my friends make for me, and one secret story…

First Collab! 😭

You know I have “Our OC Family” Facebook group, but everytime someone announcing collab, I miss them? 😢 But not for this one, and thanks to Tiara Arya for this lovely artwork! (Even tho it’s “low quality” due to she uploaded this using Facebook lite, which is compresses the picture before uploading.) 😛

Huge pizza!

Laura: Wow, what a huge pizza! *eats it quickly 😋 Huge thanks to Viya Mouny for this art!


is, well…Midnight: *boop!Laura: 😳 Specification:Background: BP #2EE4 (from Derpibooru)Time: 56 minutes (!)Software: Ibis PaintX, PixelLab, and remove.bgGPU: PowerVR Rogue GE8320 #mlpoc #ponygram2021 #midnightlovely Sorry I’m posting this very late. New art hopefully tomorrow 🙂