I’ve returned!

Base: https://www.deviantart.com/elementbases/art/MLP-Base-349-887135703 Time: 52 minutes App: Ibis PaintX

Another submission!

Next Friendship Day submission. This time, “Ponygram” family by Iris on Instagram! Thank you once again! ^^ View this post on Instagram A post shared by Iris (@iris_she_is)

Happy International Friendship Day!

And thanks to Fluttershy the Author on Instagram for drawing “our family”! ^^ View this post on Instagram A post shared by fluttershy (@fluttershy.the.author)

Collab #6

Way more beautiful, Michelle Indah on Facebook having yet another movie style collab fanart for me! Thanks again! ^^

Birthday Gifts (Archive)

Wow, it’s been a month since my birthday :D. That means i have to move my gifts to “garage”! See you later 😉 Previously at 31 May 2021, 4 generous people come to my birthday party and draw cute photos for me! Here it is: Thanks very much once again, see you next year! ^^

Collab #5

Good morning, we’re composing a music for a concert tomorrow in Ponyville Town Square 🎵 Thanks to Nabila Amalia on Facebook for this collab 😊

Family #2

First, sorry I’m late posting this after 2 days 😭 Second, here I have most fantastic collab from Michelle Indah from Facebook! ^^ Third, no arts for a long time? Sorry for that too 🙁 | I’ll promise I draw one soon. :/

Collab #4

Good morning. After watching EG specials, we held a surprising meetup. 🙂 Thanks to Tiara Arya on Facebook for this collab 😀